Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Listen up MAMA

Feeding your baby around others during the holiday season is NOT disrespectful to others.

You should NOT have to isolate yourself because your baby is hungry and you need to do the most biologically normal thing there is to do. #boobsaremeanttofeed.

It IS disrespectful for family members or others to tell you to cover-up or isolate yourself to feed your child, and if they say things like that then they are the ones with the issue.

If you didn’t feel comfortable then you would go somewhere private, you don’t need told. So by saying this to you they are basically admitting they are uncomfortable with it.

Well, too bad! Baby’s gotta eat!

Everyone else gets to eat and munch on snacks where-ever and whenever they want, why is your baby all of a sudden so different?

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