Pumping at Work

🍼P U M P I N G A T W O R K🍼

•Pull top shirt up.

•Pull undershirt and bra down below breasts.

•Put on pumping bra.

•Attach equipment.

•Relax the shoulders.

•Happy pumping :)

📍Comfortable, private space to do so. Under the Ontario Human Rights Commission your workplace must provide a private space for you to pump in!

🚿🧼Access to clean water to wash pump parts after use.

🎒A dedicated pumping bag to keep yourself organized.

🍼Extra milk collection containers and pump parts at all times!

⭐️A pumping bra will save you so much hassle, and allows you to be hands free!

🌻Double pumping saves you time!

❄️Refrigeration to store your milk. Tip: store it in a small lunch bag or brown lunch bag: labeled!

✏️Make sure you label all milk storage bags or someone will get a surprise in their coffee 🙊.

Have this discussion with your manager upon return to work. It is their legal right to allow you extra time on your breaks to pump at work, they can not discriminate no matter what age your child is!!!

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