Breastfeeding visits through the OBN are funded by OHIP and available to anyone with a health card in Ontario.

There are a few steps required before booking - Please read all the steps required before booking, so we can get you support as soon as possible!

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Claire Dolmage & her team can work through the Ontario Breastfeeding Network (with a doctor/midwife referral) to provide OHIP-funded Breastfeeding visits to residents of Ontario, Canada. The OBN is a virtual breastfeeding network, offering in person support and online appointments to families anywhere in Ontario. Claire's breastfeeding Clinic is the STRATFORD location at the Stratford Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

Home Visits are done privately and have a private fee.

STEP 1: Fill our your Registration Form.

STEP 2: Have your midwife or doctor fill out a referral form.

STEP 3: Fill out your initial visit intake form (it's okay if you do not know the date of visit).

Step 4: CALL or EMAIL Claire Dolmage IBCLC

Important: follow up visits need follow up forms 24-hrs in advance

Once we have had an initial appointment, you may have multiple follow-up visits as well. There are forms to fill before each follow-up visit. These need to be completed at least 24-hours before your appointment. The form is found in your appointment booking email, as well as at the links below. Please put a reminder in your calendar for this as they are not sent out again. If they are not received in time, your appointment may need to be rescheduled and you will be sent an invoice for a cancellation fee.

You’ll need to fill either a follow-up form for a regular follow-up OR a medication renewal form if you have booked a 5-min prescription refill appointment.

Once all steps are completed......